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When you have completed this course your will have:

  1. A good understanding of exercise recommendations for children aged 1-12years old.
  2. Comprehension of child developmental key areas and how physical development impacts each area.
  3. An understanding of the role of the educator in child development.
  4. Knowledge of what a child needs during the early stages of development and movement progression.
  5. Key strategies of promoting physical development and knowledge of promoting development in all key areas.
  6. Knowledge of indicators in relation to developmental concerns and who to refer to.
  7. Tools to implement in providing group exercise within a group of children.
  8. Understanding of Pilates Principles for children
  9. Knowledge of benefits of each exercise on development
  10. Being able to recognise the technique or common movement faults of each KHP Exercise.
  11. Knowledge of instances to use each exercise and how to regress and progress based on child’s ability.



“Working with Liz opened up a whole new view for me with Pilates for children. I didn’t know how well Pilates can benefit children of all ages and their growing development. I learnt about the various ways you can help children develop their vestibular senses, middle line and imagination as you take them on a journey through story. I appreciate Liz taking the time to educate us on how to include this valuable lesson into their everyday learning here at Birkdale Little Ducks.”

- Kristy - Little Ducks Birkdale

"After a term of incorporating Kids heart Pilates into each lesson, I saw a very definite increase in self confidence, physical strength, balance, flexibility, fitness and coordination. This program incorporated exercises which were versatile and easily adaptable and beneficial across many elements of our core PE program. I believe that providing this lifelong skill to children can only increase their participation, engagement and enjoyment in physical activity as they age."


"Liz Ernst has been providing a quality Pilates program at our Centre for nearly two years. I first asked her to visit the Centre after seeing her work at the Wesley. My own knowledge of the benefits of current brain/body research emphasizing physical and self awareness and control made staff determined to introduce her program into our Centre.  We have seen amazing improvements in concentration, muscular control, body awareness and physical strength across our group of children.

Though suitable for all children, boys especially appear to benefit and parents have noted increased concentration, attention to task and pride in their achievements. I cannot recommend the ‘Kids Heart Pilates’ program highly enough. It has enriched our curriculum offering and our children are reaping the benefits.

A qualified instructor, great with the children, sensitive and insightful re their needs, informed about curriculum and NQF links - what more could you want?"

- Anne Grant



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