Exercise for kids that is as habitual as brushing their teeth

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Liz Dawson of Kids Heart Pilates leading a pilates class at a preschool

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists visit your early learning centre to engage the kids in fun and interactive Pilates classes. 

Pilates helps to strengthen the core and build a strong foundation for all motor skills and development.

Helping kids learn & develop through movement



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Kids Heart Pilates class meditation
Young girl participating in Kids Heart Pilates class

Movement is a powerful tool for all key areas of childhood development. KHP offers progressive Pilates classes online ranging from 5-30mins on demand.


Swap out morning cartoons with some movement!

Building a healthy foundation for your kids at home


Play your part in building bright futures for our kids

Emily Mackie Speech Pathologist
Emily, Speech Pathologist

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their skills in child development and exercise."

Anna Louise Moule Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic
Anna-Louise Moule, AEP

"From this course I have gained so much knowledge in all areas of childhood development and how Exercise Physiologists play a role in this." 

Amanda Percy Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Amanda Percy, AEP

"I highly recommend the Childhood Development course to any exercise professional who works with kids." 

Liz Dawson of Kids Heart Pilates teaching young girl pilates

The Blog

As we teach, we learn from our children. Our blog is the place where we discuss our learnings and share it with you.