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Privacy Policy

I give consent for Kids Heart Pilates (KHP) to record and store my details, medical information, and other pertinent information related to services received at KHP as required by ESSA, DVA, Medicare or any other relevant body. KHP’s privacy policy complies with all Commonwealth, State and local privacy laws.

This privacy policy can be viewed on request.

The undersigned, understands, acknowledges and agrees that on behalf of themselves or, if the KHP program is being used by a child or children under the supervision, responsibility and care of the undersigned:

(i)  Participating in any exercise or exercise program, may involve the possibility of physical or bodily injury.  I am aware that the services offered by KHP may involve risk, including but not limited to, risk of bodily injury and I do so at my own risk;

(ii)  I have provided all the relevant information regarding my (or my child/children’s) medical history and current health status (including, but not limited to, any chronic medical conditions, any current or previous physical injuries, any prior medical procedures which may affect the ability to exercise or any medication which may affect physical coordination or stability). I (or my child/children) have medical clearance to participate in the KHP program and am following the advice of my own medical team;

(iii)  I am making use of the services of KHP of my own free will;

(iv)  I assume all risks associated with in my home and exercising in my space; and

(v)  I acknowledge that any information provided by KHP is general in nature and my personal medical or physical circumstances may affect the application and relevance of any information to me.

On behalf of myself and, if applicable, my child/children or child/children whom I am responsible for, I hereby release and discharge KHP, its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, directors, officers, agents, landlords/licensors, representatives, successors and assigns of the KHP from and against any and all claims or causes of action arising out of or relating to my use of any facilities or services or any information provided by KHP, including but not limited to,  any claims in relation to bodily injury  (either to myself or a child/children who I am responsible for), or loss of, or damage to, property of mine or, if applicable, a third party. 

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