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Liz Dawson practicing meditation during Kids Heart Pilates class

"My mission is to empower other business owners to create balance, fulfilment & success"

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Liz Dawson

Liz Dawson is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Pilates Instructor & Entrepreneur. She is also the proud owner & director of Kids Heart Pilates & Northside Allied Health.

Liz Dawson of kids heart pilates smiling with small child during Kids Heart Pilates class
Liz Dawson Director of Kids Heart Pilates headshot

How it started

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Human Movement Studies in 2009, Liz Dawson worked across a number of health disciplines including weight management, clinical disease and injury rehabilitation. However, it was paediatrics that really stole her heart and in 2010, Kids Heart Pilates was born.

Kids Heart Pilates’ mission is to make exercise easy and accessible for children, and to educate families and health professionals on the benefits of exercise for a child’s development. Since 2010, Liz has relished in the experience of developing Pilates based movement programs for children across a range of facilities including, kindergartens, childcare centres, preschools and primary schools. Extending on the repertoire of Kids Heart Pilates programs, and in response to an increasing demand for convenience, in both the home and classroom, Liz proudly launched an online Pilates program available for families worldwide in 2018. 

Kids Heart Pilates is also home to pre and post-natal specific programs developed by Liz. After giving birth to her first son, Liz realised the need for a post-natal pilates program that incorporated baby development and the Mummy & Tummy online program was launched in 2019. Further building on the Kids Heart Pilates brand and to serve its mission to empower health professionals, Liz developed the Child Development and Paediatric Movement course which came to fruition last year. This course is growing in popularity amongst Allied Health professionals and will help to grow the Kids Heart Pilates brand. 


Whilst building the Kids Heart Pilates empire, Liz became owner and director of Northside Allied Health (NAH) in 2014 as a way to help more people and empower fellow Exercise Physiologists. In the space of just one year, Liz went on to open 8 clinics across NSW & QLD.

During this huge NAH expansion, Liz suffered a stroke – her body finally forcing her to slow down and relinquish control. Since then, she made the decision to close down some of the clinics and in 2021, Northside Allied Health has one sole clinic in QLD.

Liz is always striving to improve herself and after years of intense inner work and reflection, she knows that to be able to connect more deeply, she needs to put all of her energy into the QLD clinic and Kids Heart Pilates to allow them to prosper.


Liz Dawson is incredibly passionate about sharing her story to empower other business owners to create balance, fulfilment and success.

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