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Play your part in building bright futures for our kids

Welcome to Kids Heart Pilates, where we are truly passionate about giving children the freedom to embrace a life filled with movement and the incredible benefits it offers. Our mission is to make exercise as ingrained in their daily routine as brushing their teeth, empowering kids across Australia.

We firmly believe that core strength is the cornerstone of child development. It forms the foundation for sitting and focusing on more intricate skills like fine motor abilities and concentration. It allows children to explore their bodies, senses, and social surroundings. Movement, in all its forms, bolsters key areas of development by engaging the brain, senses, mechanics, social circles, and even helps calm our emotions.

Our MoveMentor: Empowering Educators for Physical Literacy & Gross Motor Skills program hosted by the esteemed Lizzy Dawson can be tailored to align with the specific needs and goals of your Kindy's program. Our program consists of two parts: the theory course and the practical/mentoring component, both are align with the Kindy Framework.

Currently, we are working with over 1,000 kindy children per week in Queensland, we service and educate, educators all over Queensland. Our online course is easily accessible via our Founders website and our practical mentoring component is led by a Kids Heart Pilates trained allied health professional throughout Queensland. 


MoveMentor: Empowering Educators for Physical Literacy & Gross Motor Skills

Uplift Course 




"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their skills in child development and exercise."

Emily, Speech Pathologist
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