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We are leaders in early childhood development, helping kids to learn & grow through movement

Our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists engage kids in fun and interactive Pilates classes. 

Help us make exercise for kids as accessible as tv & as habitual as brushing your teeth

Our experienced team of Exercise Physiologists & Pilates teachers deliver fun and interactive Pilates classes at a time that is convenient for you. We offer 30 minute classes that incorporate all key areas of development.

We Offer 


A private, welcoming environment. We are by appointment only.

Clinic or home-based therapy and exercise.

One-on-one, duo and group options.

Solutions for children, adolescents, and young adults through to middle age.

Includes access to online program for all families

Customised approach developed for your child and their specific needs 

At Kids Heart Pilates, our experienced team undergoes thorough training and development to ensure they provide the highest level of expertise. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our field and continuously expanding our knowledge. Our approach is not only based on experience but also backed by rigorous research, ensuring that our methods are effective and evidence-based. With our team's expertise and a research-backed approach, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for the children we serve.

Concerns we can help with:


Muscle Tone



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Prep Readiness + School Problems 

Early Childhood Development


"Working with Liz opened up a whole world of pilates for children. I didn’t know how well pilates could benefit children of all ages and their growing development. I learnt about the various ways you can help children develop their vestibular senses, middle line and imagination as you take them on a journey through storytelling. I appreciate Liz taking the time to educate us on how to include this valuable lesson into their everyday learning here at Birkdale Little Ducks."

Kristy - Little Ducks Birkdale

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pilates?

Pilates is powerful through strengthening the core and improving the function of all joints. It builds a strong foundation for all motor skills and development. With a strong core kids can focus on more intricate skills like reading, writing, self care, language, relationships and focus and concentration. 

What does it cost?

Each Pilates class is tailored specifically with child development in mind and covers aspects of the early childhood curriculum. 

We have different options available to you so please contact us today to find a solution that works for you. 

Why choose Kids Heart Pilates?

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists help children learn and develop through movement. We bolster physical, sensory, cognitive, social, emotional and language development during our Pilates classes which are designed to be fun and interactive!

Free online program included

When you partner with Kids Heart Pilates at your early childhood centre, we offer our incredible online program for families to enjoy Pilates in their home. Why should the fun stop when they go home?

Liz Dawson of Kids Heart Pilates teaching pilates class to four young children outside
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