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Staying positive when winter gets you down

It’s been a cold winter here in Brisbane and our first with a babe in childcare. Given my profession, working with children and my past history of intense fitness training habits, winter lurgies are not news to me, every year they get me….but this year, the sickness has been next level. As if juggling multiple business’ and a baby isn’t tricky enough but throw in your health, your baby’s health and even worse, your husband’s health and it can all spiral hopelessly out of control. I won’t complain my husband’s schedule is somewhat flexible allowing him to be super hands on and share the load but when the chips are down it is hard not to feel completely depressed.

Research tells me that although it is not surprising that you feel sorry for yourself when you are sick, bugs such as the flu can actually affect neurotransmitters so it is no wonder our mood is affected. So if you are struggling with never ending sickness, here are my tips on staying positive during this last stint of winter.

1. Walk no weights When it comes to exercise when you are sick the best policy is to rest but if you feel up to it or you are improving, walking is the best medicine. Walking at a comfortable pace will flush the body with oxygen and actually do you some good (as long as you aren’t in the depths of illness). However, doing high intensity or strength work is an absolute no-no. There is no such thing as sweating it out. Strength work will actually rob your body of energy leaving nothing to fight the bug off. Wait a few days until you feel 100% before starting anything vigorous or strength related to give your body the best shot at recovering completely.

2. Meditate These last few weeks I have actually replaced the time that I would normally exercise with meditation. It’s been amazing. I have read, listened to podcasts, positive affirmations and really dedicated at least an hour a day to meditating. After all stress is a thief of immunity so it’s a good practice of managing stress and illness prevention.

3. Pamper The last few weeks I have felt so rotten that I’ve done nothing that has made me feel really nice. So, I decided to pamper myself; I got my nails done, had long candle lit, classical music playing baths with body scrubs. I made an effort to look nice even though I didn’t go anywhere. I blow dried my hair, put light make up on and some nice clothes, seems silly but I felt so much better for it.

4. Get a cleaner If you aren’t feeling up to it, get someone in to clean. Not only will they sterilise the house preventing it to spread through the family, it feels so nice and so much easier to relax if the house is clean.

So, there you have it. My newly established go to when I am feeling low, sick and sorry for myself. Now for the health fairies to come my way so I can get on with things.


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