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Kids Sweeten Up For National Sweet Heart Day

It was a different kind of romance for Kids Heart Pilates owner Liz Dawson this Valentine’s Day as 50 of her Paddington Kindy kids limbered up for a good cause on National Sweet Heart Day.

Sweet Heart Day raises money for Childhood Heart Disease (CHD), the leading cause of death in children under 12 months ( )

Eight babies are born every day with a heart defect a statistic that will only change with vital support and funding for life changing medical research into CHD.

Liz Dawson, who personally baked blueberry cakes for the occasion enjoyed serving them to 50 of her pilates kids and parents for a gold coin donation, as the sweet tooths raised money for the cause.

Kids Heart Pilates instructor and owner, Liz Dawson comment; “Now that I am pregnant with my first child and teaching these very healthy children Pilates every week, I realise how very precious our children’s health is.

With the help of C&K Paddington Kindy and my fantastic pilates kids we have sweetened their day whilst raising money for this worthy cause. I just hope the kids don’t always expect a cake at the end of our pilates class,” she laughs.

Kids Heart Pilates officially forms part of the C&K Paddington Kindergarten curriculum addressing many aspects of Early Childhood Curriculum, including motor development, expanding learning techniques via movement and creating awareness self wellbeing.

Secondly, and just as significantly, the 30 minute class creates strong and healthy bodies for enhanced motor development, movement skills, core stabilization and injury prevention.

If you would like pilates to form part of your kindy’s curriculum, email liz for a chat-


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