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Just Breathe!

Its sounds ridiculous, but there is a lot to be said for breathing, other than of course its vital cause of keeping us alive!

Breathing is the first step towards relaxation and achieving a body and mind focused pilates session.

Essential to entering into a relaxed state of mind is the surrounding environment which must be pleasant and positive for children to participate in the exercises and engage in active listening.

The pilates session begins with breathing exercises. This promotes calm behaviour and encourages focus.

Breathing is an integral part of each lesson allowing the children to relax their mind and body. As a result the children can concentrate on performing slow controlled movements.

Throughout the class if that focus is lost, breathing is used again in a seated, upright position with hands on heads to refocus the mind before any further exercises are undertaken. Deep breathing enhancing balance within the body by circulating oxygen, and promoting blood flow toward the active muscles improving contraction.


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