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Get Your Silly’s Out Rainy Day Workout

By Liz Dawson (AEP): Kids Heart Pilates

Have you ever noticed that kids go exceptionally crazy on rainy days? Perhaps it’s something in the air or the novelty of rain after the dry heat. A more likely theory is they are couped up inside with boundless energy and no outlet, so they simply go a bit, well, coo-coo!

So on those crazy wet days like today, Kids Heart Pilates have designed an easy to follow at home kids workout called:

‘Get Your Silly’s Out’

Exercise 1. – Let’s warm up our inner ‘kitty cats’ (do 3 seconds on each move)

Happy Cat- ‘Happy Cat stick your bottom out, look to me and big smiles’

Angry Cat-look to your knees and push your back up to the sky’

Disco Cat (no image-Bounce around as if dancing to music).

Exercise 2. – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No It’s Superman!  (do for 3-5seconds)

Exercise 3. – Let’s Go for a Bike Ride – 3 lots of 10 seconds 

Exercise 4-Let’s roll down the hill- ball rolling x 3

Exercise 5: Ribbit Ribbit- Let’s Jump Like a Frog – 10 x jumps

If you or your kindergarten are interested in the Kids Heart Pilates programme becoming part of the kindy curriculum, contact Liz Dawson on


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