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Exercise-Brain Food for Kids

During the first years of life a child’s brain development is rapid. Processing information, perception and language are all cognitive development factors that are fast progressing. Language is the simplest and most direct form to demonstrate a level of understanding however at this age language capabilities alone are not suffice.

Physical actions are a very common way for children to express themselves and their understanding of situations. The cognitive brain develops in stages therefore progressing activity gradually is extremely important, this allows a sequence of learning and adaptation. Socio-dramatic play, or make believe play, is not only a vital stage in development, it is an easy way for children to demonstrate their understanding.

Development from here becomes much more organised and logical with the ability to sequence thought and actions and relate to several scenarios and situations. Many of the Kids Heart Pilates exercises in the classes mimic animals, objects and people that they can relate to, contributing to this development. The initial focus (2-4yrs) is purely going through a series of these actions and positively associating them to objects and situations such as superheros, nursery rhymes and animals.

As the child progresses relating these exercises to more logical thought through linking other actions, such as sports, running and jumping that those movements might assist with. Finally linking the exercises and educating children on health and wellbeing and what they are achieving through participating in regular exercise.

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