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Why it’s Important for Asthmatic Kids to Exercise

By Elizabeth Dawson, Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Pilates Instructor

Asthma is a condition that affects the lungs and airways and is unfortunately not something that can be cured. The lungs react to triggers such as weather, pollens and allergins that cause flare ups in the lungs resulting in breathlessness, wheezing, coughing and a tight feeling in the chest.

If your child suffers from asthma, don’t be afraid to let them exercise, it will strengthen their lungs and heart, reduce overall symptoms and the risk of asthma attack. That said, It is important to check with your doctor before your child exercises or engages in any new exercise regime. It is also a good idea to engage an Exercise Physiologist who understands the conditions, the physical limitations and the areas that will help improve the symptoms.

Being aware of the triggers and limiting exposure will help reduce the onset of asthma attacks and remember to always having relief medication on hand when your child is exercising.

References: ESSA & Asthma Australia


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