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Building resilience in our youngsters

Protecting your children from the world and keeping them from harm’s way is a natural inclination, however wrapping them up in cotton wool won’t protect them in the long run.

Many parents would have recently endured the heartbreak of separation anxiety as their little ones embarked on a new journey at day care, kindy or school. Walking away from this scenario can be hard with a small part of you wanting to bundle them up and take them back to the safety of home, where they don’t have to negotiate the playground, follow orders and use their voice to stand out in the crowd. A bigger part of you would know that this is avoiding the inevitable and that giving your child the space they need to become independent will help them shine bright.

Equipping your child with the skills they need to thrive in their new world is imperative to their confidence and happiness. Teaching mindfulness and breathing techniques is one technique that may help your child when something goes wrong. Life doesn’t always go to plan, no matter how organised you are, so if a school hat is left behind or homework forgotten, reacting to this in a calm and reasonable way, might save your little mimic from getting in a flap.

Now I am not a child psychologist, so I’ll save you from the free parental advice and stick to what I know for sure. As an Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Instructor, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the benefits this ancient art has on children’s mind-set and confidence. Feeling relaxed, strong and in control of your body is one key outcomes Pilates can contribute to building resilience in your child. Exercise is a proven stress reliever providing the time and space needed to put things in perspective and let your worries drift away.

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