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Liz Dawson and young baby doing Mummy & Tummy postnatal pilates at home

Regain your confidence & return to exercise safely

This is not your typical weight loss focussed postnatal program - it’s an educational, professional, step by step guide to regaining your confidence to returning to exercise safely. 

Safe to start
1 week postpartum
16 progressive sessions to conquer
Exercise with your baby 
Available for just $20/month
Liz Dawson and young baby doing Mummy & Tummy postnatal pilates at home with happy faces

This is the crucial step in your postnatal recovery

Key Information

What's included in my membership?

When you sign up, you will get the entire Mummy & Tummy online program on demand with unlimited access to all sessions for the duration of your membership. This includes progressive exercise sessions, simple assessments to track your progress, a weekly exercise schedule, a M&T booty band and the Mummy & Tummy E-bible which has everything you need to know about returning to exercise after having a baby. 

What does it cost?

Sign up for an annual membership for $199/year, enjoy the flexibility of our monthly membership for just $20/month or get feedback from an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for $50/month. 

Do I need any equipment?

The Mummy & Tummy program has been designed to be as accessible as possible so you need very little equipment:

  • Fitball

  • M&T booty band (included in your membership)

  • Small hand weights (1kg) OR a drink bottle full of water

  • Towel

  • Chair

  • Paper cup (optional)

When can I start?

You can start right now! Click the sign up button below to join and start your Pilates adventure today.

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