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How to keep the family active over school holidays

It’s winter, it’s school holidays and sometime we need a bit of a nudge to put the screen down, ditch the coffee cup and put the sneakers on! Yes? Winter is notorious for an onslaught of sloth like behaviour; its colder, darker and exercising outdoors is not overly inviting. But have you ever noticed that kids don’t seem to mind? We are the ones coercing them to wear a jumper and come inside but they are too busy running around having fun to feel the cold or notice that its nearly dark.

So perhaps us adults should take a leaf from their little books…your bodies will thank you for it- after all, your body doesn’t know it’s winter!

So if you are looking for ways to motivate yourself whilst keeping the kids active this winter holiday, check out this post “getting your silly’s out” OR here are some ideas fresh out of oven:

  1. Bushwalking – hit the trails, it’s not too hot so you can go later in the day without worrying about the heat and it’s an awesome adventure for you and the kids. Enjoying all that nature has to offer is not only good for you physically, it’s good for the soul!! #mindfullness #natureporn #soulsatisfying

  2. Twister – It’s raining, its pouring, we are all going stir crazy. Might sound crazy but playing this classic game can actually be a really good stretch and workout. Go gentle on yourself to avoid injury… don’t worry about the kids, they will be fine and LOVE IT.

  3. Ice skating – Why not embrace winter, rug up and get skating! It is great cardio, super fun and what kid doesn’t love skating?

  4. Hit up Bounce – Or the equivalent and get jumping. I don’t know about anyone else but postpartum recovery aside, I love jumping on a tramp and it is awesome exercise.

  5. Ten pin bowling – This doesn’t usually spring to mind as a physical activity but it definitely beats movies and ice cream as far as your health goes.

  6. Indoor rock climbing – What a good idea, so good for strength, super fun and not something the kids would do every day.


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