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Creating Fun Themed Activities that Train the Core

We talk a lot about core strength in child development and Pilates. In fact, one of the Principles of Pilates is ‘Centering’ which refers not only to the connection between mind and body but also to the core. Core strength allows us to create a stable and strong postural control, which helps to contribute to efficient muscle activation.

Imagine if you will, the building of a house. Before you can assemble the structural elements, pop on a roof or even consider the interior design, you need to first have a solid foundation upon which to build. The core is that foundation. Without it walking would be difficult, even sitting would become fatiguing.

As Oliver (2010) states, “If the kinetic chain is efficient, then there is decreased chance of injury.” So how can we develop core strength in children? Building core strength in our little ones can be achieved through games, play, outdoor play, Pilates, climbing rope and playgrounds (Vehrs, 2005).

As Easter is fast approaching, we have listed some of our favourite core exercises to include in the Easter fun!

1. Easter Egg Hunt An Easter egg hunt is a wonderful way to incorporate different core activities whilst also having so much fun! Try hiding eggs up in trees or under furniture to encourage different postures.

2. Bear Crawl Races Adopt a downward dog position and then move hand, foot, hand, foot to walk like a bear. This position requires a strong core to maintain balance and stamina Turn it into a bear crawl race towards the Easter eggs and the kids can’t get enough!

3. Bicycle Legs With Easter comes excitement and joy! So whilst you are out hiding the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt, why not encourage the children to practice their bicycle legs and train their core at the same time to put some of that excitement energy to good use.

We hope you enjoy these activities as much as we do!

Happy Easter everyone.

Written: Daisy Welsh

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