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Introducing Mummy & Tummy Pilates

Mummy & Tummy Pilates is all about Postnatal Pilates for mum, baby development for your babe and bonding time for the both of you. I developed the idea in 2017 when my baby Flinders had flat head syndrome and I had to get him doing Tummy Time to find that he absolutely hated it. This was so tough to watch and I was struggling enough as it was that I didn’t want to watch him scream to get his Tummy Time in. So I started getting down on the floor with him and playing with him while I was doing my own postnatal Pilates. Given that I had a business teaching kids Pilates and teaching mums, men and women Pilates it naturally formed as a joint activity for us both.I started doing it each day and seeing him have fun, improve his strength and get that time to work on myself was the perfect combination for me.  

The program has 16 short video programs including a postpartum 1-6 week safe exercises and 15 videos with a mix of levels including some with baby and some without. It comes along with your very own downloadable E-Bible with all the ins and outs of using the program, information on postnatal exercise, exercising with your baby and baby development. We have a recommended weekly exercise scheduler and quick assessments so you know if you are ready to progress to the next level in the program. Each program will be delivered to you each week with a recommended schedule. You will have Liz at your fingertips with video sharing and regular Q&As through our online community. This is not your typical postnatal program, its not a weight loss program, it’s a educational, professional step by step guide into regaining your confidence to safely return to exercise. This is where to start, the crucial step in your postnatal recovery. 

What’s included?

Starter Pack

-   Educational video on what is important in those first few weeks including some gentle core and stretches that you can start on straight away (Level 1).

-   3 videos to build on level 1 that are appropriately progressive once you have had your exercise clearance  


-  simple assessments that you can do at home to see how you are tracking

-  advice on what to do if you need further help

-  advice on if you are ready to progress to harder exercise or if you need to repeat the starter pack

12 sessions of postnatal Pilates

-  designed to work your whole body

-  5 sessions to incorporate your baby into exercises

-  designed to either combine together for a longer workout or do on their own

Weekly Exercise Scheduler

-   Appropriate exercise schedule in the first 3 months of your postpartum journey

-  Weekly sessions put together for you so all you have to do is follow along.


-  Everything you could possibly need to know about returning to exercise after having a baby

-  I strongly recommend you go through this prior to starting the programs as it has detail on exactly how to use the program.

Feedback Service

-  Need more help? Join up to the feedback service.

-  A month by month elective service to get unlimited feedback directly from Liz when you send in videos.


-  One M&T booty band

What you will need

Sign up options

Full Program : $199

Monthly: $20/month

Feedback Service : $50/month (minimum of 3 months)


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