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Moving Mummies Mothers Group

A Mothers Group with a twist!!! Yay for meeting in cafes and sipping coffees but first.. lets get moving and explore then have the coffees. Come and join me and a bunch of mums and go on an adventure with bubs in tow. The last Friday of every month I will organise an adventure somewhere and we will catch up, get active and talk all things mums, bubs and whatever we fancy! Meet some like-minded mums and get back your exercise mojo on the trails this April. So strap the mini me's on, put them in the backpack or whatever works for you and we will walk and talk. Need advice on a carrier, just get in touch!! 

Organised and run by Accredited Exercise Physiologist Kids Heart Pilates Founder, new mum, pre and post natal qualified, Liz Dawson. 

When : Last Friday of every Month 
What : 45 explore, 30mins chaos, chat and coffee 
Level: Moderate 
Cost : $5 
Bring : Bubs, friends, a good humour and some coffee money. (hats, sunscreen, water and other essentials) 

Come and get moving with me!

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