Online Program


Mel King

Maddys favourite exercise is by far the Flamingo's. Flamintos are one of her favourite animals anyway so she likes to practice them all the time. Alex likes the froggies the best. Mostly so he can jump around I'm sure! He also likes to put a bath mat under him as a lilly pad when he does them.

Their favourite program is the Animal Lovers. They both like animals and it is fun to pretend to be animals for little people. I also think it is easy for them to understand what to do as they already know the animals and how them move so can relate and learn quickly.

I like that the program gives them an opportunity to focus on something and concentrate. Both Alex and Maddy as super active little people and spend so much time running around the park or the beach. Althought that is great exercise - it can be a little bit manic sometimes so it is nice for them to have to focus on what they are doing with each of the poses and exercises.

Its a great program. I only wish that we lived closer so we could come and do a class in person. We are about to move to an isolated island in Fiji - so this online program is perfect for us! We can do it anywhwere!

The KidsHeart Pilates online program is fantastic! It is age appropriate for my toddlers and delivered in a child friendly way that keeps my little ones engaged for the whole session each time. They particularly love the animal poses! My 2 and 3 year old children are very active and Pilates gives them the opportunity to calm down and focus their energy. They even practice by themselves on the beach now! I would highly recommend the program.


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