Online Program


Kylie Dixon

Kids Heart Pilates is a wonderfully designed online program by the amazing Liz! My 2 girls 3 and 1 have been doing the program for the past 4 months and love when the exercises start.

The online program is handy as you can do it in the comfort of your own home and don’t have to worry about packing the children up and getting organised to leave the house. There are 16 different online programs to chose from with varying abilities.

My girls love “Tall Totts” The videos are the appropriate length to ensure focus and to not lose the girls attention with most of them finished by 15minutes. Liz makes the exercises fun and interesting. I would highly recommend the online program.

Answers to the questions:-

1. Statues seems to be a favourite exercise but the girls don’t quite get the concept of stopping lol Chloe is also a fan of the flamingo as she does this at dancing too.

2. Favourite program is Tall Totts. Both girls are able to do the exercises and it’s a fun way to start the day. It also helps build up their balance and lower body strength.

3. I like everything about the programs. The programs are targeted at the appropriate age of the girls 1-3years old. The programs are very suitable as they are quick in duration and able to hold the attention of the girls. I love the video layouts and the little cues - “show me your muscles” Chloe loves doing that.

4. I can’t recommend anything to improve the videos as they are perfect. I think maybe a sign in option tab on the home page of the website would make the sign in process easier (although this may be already there and I can’t see it).


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