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"The Kids Heart Pilates online program is fantastic! It is age appropriate for my toddlers and delivered in a child friendly way that keeps my little ones engaged for the whole session each time. They particularly love the animal poses! My 2 and 3 year old children are very active and Pilates gives them the opportunity to calm down and focus their energy. They even practice by themselves on the beach now! I would highly recommend the program."

- Mel King 

"Kids Heart Pilates is a wonderfully designed online program by the amazing Liz! My 2 girls 3 and 1 have been doing the program for the past 4 months and love when the exercises start. The online program is handy as you can do it in the comfort of your own home and don’t have to worry about packing the children up and getting organised to leave the house. There are 16 different online programs to chose from with varying abilities. My girls love “Tall Totts” The videos are the appropriate length to ensure focus and to not lose the girls attention with most of them finished by 15minutes. Liz makes the exercises fun and interesting. I would highly recommend the online program."

- Kylie Dixon

"I'd been doing Liz's mums and bubs classes for a while when we picked up the Kids Heart Pilates program for my then 1 year old. It has been awesome to have an activity we can do together at home, see her pick up the moves slowly, and watch her balance and coordination and strength build. And is there anything cuter than a toddler who 'shows you her muscles' after every pilates move?! It's a great program that kids can grow with, and the lessons are the right length and tempo to hold their attention. Love it :)

1. Favorite Exercise - Lil is really good at doing down dog intermittently between all the exercises! But she will always pay attention and follow the frog jumps and butterfly legs

2. Favorite Program - Animal Lovers holds her attention the best at this young age

3. What mum likes best about the program - I love doing it with her, the exercises are simple but still a nice workout for me if we do a couple of programs

I need to add that Lily LOVES to give herself a clap and show you her muscles at the end of every exercise!"

- Amanda

"My boys have been doing the Kids Heart Pilates videos since mid last year & we are really loving it. My eldest struggles with tight muscles from growing so quick & difficulty in calming down for bedtime. The movement & stretching he gets has been so beneficial. They are nice and short which helps to squeeze them in & to keep their attention. I love doing it with them & my 18 month old loves to join in as well! All kids should be taught the essential benefits of moving their bodies & the mindfulness that this type of exercise brings. Thanks Liz xo"

- Anna

"Hi Liz,

Just wanted to let you know I am loving the postnatal Pilates Program. I am a little behind and only completely level 3 at the moment but oh my god… my butt… Its super easy to do anywhere, Currently I am at Lake Burley Griffin while my youngest sleeps in the pram”

- Korryn McLaren – Exercise Phsyiologist & Mum of 3.



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