Online Program

We now offer an online and in person 1 day course for teachers and health professionals.

2020 tour dates TBC (will be released late 2019)

The Learning outcomes for this course are listed below.

When you have completed this course your will have:

  1. A good understanding of exercise recommendations for children aged 1-12years old.
  2. Comprehension of child developmental key areas and how physical development impacts each area.
  3. An understanding of the role of the educator in child development.
  4. Knowledge of what a child needs during the early stages of development and movement progression.
  5. Key strategies of promoting physical development and knowledge of promoting development in all key areas.
  6. Knowledge of indicators in relation to developmental concerns and who to refer to.
  7. Tools to implement in providing group exercise within a group of children.
  8. Understanding of Pilates Principles for children
  9. Knowledge of benefits of each exercise on development
  10. Being able to recognise the technique or common movement faults of each KHP Exercise.
  11. Knowledge of instances to use each exercise and how to regress and progress based on child’s ability.

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