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Child Development & Paediatric Movement Course

Our teacher training is here! We have courses for both early childhood educators and health professionals (expected knowledge of formal exercise or allied health training). These courses are offered online only at the moment due to travel restrictions.

The health professionals course is written with practitioners in mind with loads of content on child development and the impact of physical development programs, teaching kids and using your own exercise database to translate to kids.

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We have closed our August 2021 intake. Please fill out below to go on the waitlist for December and we will notify when next sign up is open.

Registrations will open on December 1st till the 8th!

While our face to face courses are currently on hold don’t fear there is so much value in the online version! It is exactly the same content and we have a team of clinicians ready to answer your questions.

 Are you wanting to work with the paediatric population or do you already work with them and want to improve your prescription, report writing and your exercise database?

 – All online

– Video content of Liz taking you through the course

– Private Facebook group to connect with other people learning the same content

– 12 month professional license for our online series

– Course paper, powerpoint presentation


Understanding child development, the impact of physical development on all areas of child development and how to run an effective movement program for children.

50% – Familiarisation/background of topic
30% – Exercise prescription
20% – Exercise delivery for the demographic


  1. Child Development Overview
  2. Key developmental areas & Physical Development
  3. Promoting Development through movement
  4. Pilates & Child Development
  5. Key Development Exercises
  6. Teaching Children & Common movement faults & concerns within this demographic

Learning Outcomes

  1.  A good understanding of exercise recommendations for children aged 1-12years old.
  2.  Comprehension of child developmental key areas and how physical development impacts each area.
  3.  Understanding of movement progression
  4.  A thorough understanding of age specific exercise prescription
  5.  Knowledge of what a child needs during the early stages of development and movement progression.
  6.  Key strategies of promoting physical development and knowledge of promoting development in all key areas.
  7.  Knowledge of indicators in relation to developmental concerns and who to refer to
  8.  Tools to implement in providing group exercise within a group of children.
  9.  Understanding of Pilates Principles for children
  10.  Effective strategies on teaching children
  11.  Exercise Prescription to target the specific  areas of development
  12.  Sample and ready to use exercise sessions for specific areas of development
  13.  Common developmental concerns and specifics
  14.  Being able to recognise the technique or common movement faults in children
  15.  A good grasp and toolkit on how to promote movement programs

Investment: $449

9CPD points

Notes: use ESSA20 in coupon code to get discount & ESSA20Student for students (must supply ESSA number or Student number in your registration).


Kids Heart Pilates

Over 15 programs ranging from 5mins to 25mins and varying levels. All set out to do from your very own home. Take a journey through space, work on power and agility, improve mental health, core stability, a morning and good night routine, cognitive development and so much more. New programs being released throughout your membership. Enjoy unlimited access for your family.

Mummy and Tummy Program

Mummy & Tummy Pilates is all about Postnatal Pilates for mum, baby development for your babe and bonding time for the both of you. I developed the idea in 2017 when my baby Flinders had flat head syndrome and I had to get him doing Tummy Time to find that he absolutely hated it. This was so tough to watch and I was struggling enough as it was that I didn’t want to watch him scream to get his Tummy Time in. So I started getting down on the floor with him and playing with him while I was doing my own postnatal Pilates. Given that I had a business teaching kids Pilates and teaching mums, men and women Pilates it naturally formed as a joint activity for us both.I started doing it each day and seeing him have fun, improve his strength and get that time to work on myself was the perfect combination for me.

The program has 16 short video programs including a postpartum 1-6 week safe exercises and 15 videos with a mix of levels including some with baby and some without. It comes along with your very own downloadable E-Bible with all the ins and outs of using the program, information on postnatal exercise, exercising with your baby and baby development. We have a recommended weekly exercise scheduler and quick assessments so you know if you are ready to progress to the next level in the program. Each program will be delivered to you each week with a recommended schedule. You will have Liz at your fingertips with video sharing and regular Q&As through our online community. This is not your typical postnatal program, its not a weight loss program, it’s a educational, professional step by step guide into regaining your confidence to safely return to exercise. This is where to start, the crucial step in your postnatal recovery.

Family Fitness Program

This one has it all! Sessions for mum and sessions for your littlies! Full access to Kids Heart Pilates and Mummy & Tummy Programs.

KHP Free Home Help Relief Program

This program includes 4 sessions from the Mummy & Tummy postnatal program, plus the E-Bible, 4 programs from the Kids Heart Pilates online program AND all LIVE videos. It’s 100% free and gives those members access to these programs for 6 weeks.


Kids Heart Pilates and the early childhood Curriculum, find out more