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Meditation as a remedy for kids sleep- During Sleep Awareness Week

By Elizabeth Dawson: Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Pilates Instructor- Kids Heart Pilates This week 3-9th July is the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness week with this year’s focus on better sleep resulting in “smarter, better workplaces”. So, given children are just miniature versions of us larger beings, would the same theory not apply to children? All … Continue reading “Meditation as a remedy for kids sleep- During Sleep Awareness Week”

Staying on Track This Easter

By Rebekka Frazer (Accredited Practising Dietitian) Let’s face it, it’s not really Easter Sunday that gets you off track, is it?  It’s the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs that have been in supermarkets since Boxing Day and the heavily discounted merchandise as soon as Easter Monday rolls around.  That can potentially equate to thousands … Continue reading “Staying on Track This Easter”

Just Breathe!

Its sounds ridiculous, but there is a lot to be said for breathing, other than of course its vital cause of keeping us alive! Breathing is the first step towards relaxation and achieving a body and mind focused pilates session. Essential to entering into a relaxed state of mind is the surrounding environment which must be pleasant … Continue reading “Just Breathe!”

Exercise-Brain Food for Kids

During the first years of life a child’s brain development is rapid. Processing information, perception and language are all cognitive development factors that are fast progressing. Language is the simplest and most direct form to demonstrate a level of understanding however at this age language capabilities alone are not suffice. Physical actions are a very … Continue reading “Exercise-Brain Food for Kids”


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