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1 – Introduction & The 5 Key Areas of Development

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 1 – Introduction & The 5 Key Areas of Development Welcome to our first module. Hear me talk about my journey and all things child development.

2 – Optimal Timelines

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 2 – Optimal Timelines What are the optimal timelines for development and how closely should they be focussed on?

3 – Physical Development

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 3 – Physical Development How does Physical development impacts and is impacted by other key areas of development?

4 – Promoting physical development

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 4 – Promoting physical development A break down of activities for different age groups and how they benefit development.

5 – Sensory Development & Exercise

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 5 – Sensory Development & Exercise Sensory and Physical Development are so closely entwined. Learn how the impact and are impacted by one another.

6 – Cognitive Development & Exercise

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 6 – Cognitive Development & Exercise Exercise promotes cognitive development in more way than one. By improving neural pathways, promoting chemical release and improving communication between both side of the brain and body we can use exercise to help children develop their cognition. We call on memory, repetition, role playing and crossing the midline to promote this.

7 – Social & Emotional Development

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 7 – Social & Emotional Development It goes without saying that exercise helps our mental health but there are also so many opportunities where we can use exercise to promote relationships, working together and promoting self efficacy.

8 – Speech & language

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 8 – Speech & language Speech and language allows a child to understand and use various modes of communication. Carly Betts’s, feeding and speech therapist favourite tree quote is ‘what happens at the hips ends at the lips’. In this module you will learn how core control is vital in communication.

9 – Promoting Development

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 9 – Promoting Development Here are my go to methods of promoting development.

10 – Key Developmental Exercises

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 10 – Key Developmental Exercises Here I take you through specific exercises that will promote development in each key area of development.

11 – Working with Children

CLICK HERE TO VIEW 11 – Working with Children Working with kids is a bit of an art. If you want them to gain the benefits you need to be able to connect with them and get there attention. Here I go through my tips on working with this demographic.

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