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Clumsy Kids

‘My child can barely can stay up right, it is hard not to get frustrated with them but they just slop around the place all day long.’ Does this sound familiar? It is not uncommon for children to appear sloppy and flopping and generally uncoordinated. But what is the reason and what can we do … Continue reading “Clumsy Kids”

Peachy Perfect

What is with all the butt exercises? The obvious conclusion for this new-found obsession, is that everyone, (guys included) wants a perfectly peach shaped toosh. But there is more to working the butt than meets the eye. The group of muscles in your butt actually have an important role in terms of our physical state, … Continue reading “Peachy Perfect”

Crazy about crawling

There is no doubt that as new mums we hear that crawling is one of the most important milestones in our baby’s development. But there is good reason for the hearsay. Bubs has nailed tummy time, tears and all, meaning he now has good neck strength. He has aced the skill of sitting, moving past … Continue reading “Crazy about crawling”


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