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I'd been doing Liz's mums and bubs classes for a while when we picked up the Kids Heart Pilates program for my then 1 year old. It has been awesome to have an activity we can do together at home, see her pick up the moves slowly, and watch her balance and coordination and strength build. And is there anything cuter than a toddler who 'shows you her muscles' after every pilates move?! It's a great program that kids can grow with, and the lessons are the right length and tempo to hold their attention. Love it :)

1. Favourite Exercise - Lil is really good at doing down dog intermittently between all the exercises! But she will always pay attention and follow the frog jumps and butterfly legs

2. Favourite Program - Animal Lovers holds her attention the best at this young age

3. what mum likes best about the program - I love doing it with her, the exercises are simple but still a nice workout for me if we do a couple of programs

4. What would make it even better - A little more variety in the programs for younger kids would be great.

I need to add that Lily LOVES to give herself a clap and show you her muscles at the end of every exercise! And also, we may have done the videos enough times that sometimes we say things like you, such as "yes, a flamingo!"


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