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Liz Dawson- Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Instructor/Owner

Liz Dawson is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Pilates instructor and owner and director of Kids Heart Pilates & Northside Allied Health. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Human Movement Studies in 2009, she has worked across a number of health disciplines, including weight management at Wesley Health and clinical disease and injury rehabilitation through her business Northside Allied Health. Liz has also enjoyed developing pregnancy specific programs as well as post-natal rehabilitation and movement programs via her Kids Heart Pilates business.

Liz has relished in the experience of developing Pilates based movement programs for children across a range of facilities including, kindergartens, child cares, preschools and primary schools since 2010. Extending on the repertoire of Kids Heart Pilates programs, and in response to an increasing demand for convenience, in both the home and classroom, Liz is proud to launch an online Pilates program, available from June 2018. 

Since entering the world of motherhood in 2017, Liz has becoming increasingly passionate about the connection between mother and child’s health and has since offered a program, for new Mums. The program is designed to take women on their journey from pregnancy through to postnatal rehabilitation, incorporating and including their child’s development along the way.  




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